We are all born with an inner compass. This compass helps guides us to who we are meant to be and what we are are meant to do.

Most of us choose to ignore this compass and to navigate through our lives via society's nudgings. We behave as we are expected. We work as we are expected. We consume as we are expected.

Because humans are adaptable, it is easy to follow societal expectations. But in the process of adapting, we deviate from our true nature. The further and further we deviate from our true north, the more we lose touch with our true selves. We feel exhausted rather than energized. We experience shallow relationships. We tolerate our days rather than feeling fulfilled.

Through personal discovery, you can become attuned with your own inner compass. By navigating through your life in accordance with your own compass, you can achieve a life that feels authentic and fulfilling to you.

Through coaching, I can help you honor your inner compass. My focuses are on voluntary simplicity, downsizing, and financial independence.

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