My Mission Statement

Many years ago, I wrote a Mission Statement. Although I've made a minor tweak here-and-there, I am comforted to discover that this statement remains true. It has stood the test of time--through changes in geographies, career paths, and lovers. Deep down inside, I am the same me.

To live my life for myself.
To remain true to myself.
To seek new sources for continual learning, growth, and evolution.
To trust my intuition and my dreams.
To invent my way out of my imagination and into my reality.
To take the necessary risks to pursue my way.
To explore my curiosities.
To connect regularly with nature.
To develop my weaknesses and to stretch my strengths.
To seek balance between the physical, mental, social, and spiritual.
To never lose sight of that which is important.
To be on the lookout for opportunity and to tap into that opportunity.
To never squander the precious resources of time, energy, and emotion.
To keep everything simple and in perspective.
To exhibit gratitude and to acknowledge purpose.
To be a prisoner of nothing.
To surround myself with people who are as smart as or smarter than me and to surround myself with those who lift me higher.
To enrich the lives of those who cross my path by affirming their worth.
To understand and be understood; to love and be loved.