The Hows of Housesitting


Are you interested in living rent-free? How about while traveling? Do you enjoy taking care of animals? Do you appreciate the constant variety of dwelling in different spaces and places? If so, professional housesitting may be for you! This course covers all you need to know about housesitting -- including finding opportunities, building a sitter profile, applying and interviewing, fulfilling your responsibilities, and mitigating risk.


2 hours


Sarah spent the last couple of years simplifying her life, shedding the things that bogged her down from living to her fullest potential. In 2012, she “semi-retired” from the corporate world in order to appease her sense of wanderlust and to focus her energies on her passions. She enjoys adventuring, traveling, blogging, practicing yoga, and volunteering at the animal shelter. Other passions include voluntary simplicity, financial independence, happiness maximization and sucking the marrow out of life. Sarah spends a good deal of time bicycle touring. She has been on numerous self-supported, multi-month solo tours, as well as a number of overnight adventures in the Seattle area. When she’s not touring, she spends her time housesitting; while living rent-free, she enjoys caring for animals and experiencing life in different environments. She loves sharing her enthusiasm, knowledge, and experiences with others.


At this time, there are no classes scheduled.

If you are interested in having me teach this class for your organization, please contact me.


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