Monday, January 13, 2014

The Guy Who Is Living My Dream

Meet Jeff Kruys. He is, without a doubt, a crazy guy on a bike.

Jeff, a crazy guy on a bike.

Jeff has biked more than 70,000 miles! And that doesn't count the numerous trips he's done without an odometer on his handlebars.

In May 2006, Jeff set out on a four-and-a-half year bike ride through North, Central and South America. Here's a map showing his route:

Jeff's route through North, Central, and South America.

I've been reading Jeff's trip journal, A Few Years in North, Central & South America, for inspiration. I really enjoy his simple and adventurous approach to touring. But, wowsers, there is a lot of information in his journal to consume; I started reading his journal last month, and I'm now only on page 444 of 1183!

Touring junkies may find Jeff's Fun!!! Facts and Figures! page to be of interest. In it, he provides trip facts, such as distances, illnesses, injuries, and crimes, as well as amazingly comprehensive tire, rim, and drivetrain data.

The tagline for Jeff's journal is, "It's career suicide, but it beats working." In order to go on his four-and-a-half year trip through the Americas, Jeff saved a huge chunk of money and then quit his job. As he wrote in his journal:
With a super-low budget, I should have enough to sustain me until sometime around the next winter Olympics, or maybe even until the Mayan calendar runs out.
Based on his profile page, it looks as though he is saving up for another adventure. He plans to leave sometime this year for a trip through Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa. You go, dude! You are living my dream!

I'll leave you with some of my favorite photographs from Jeff's ride through the Americas:

Walking his bike across a flooded road in Nicaragua.

Soaking in a mud-filled volcano in Colombia.

At the equator, in Ecuador.

Jeff's front wheel, caked in mud.

While not a biking image,
I love the photo Jeff took of this Peruvian woman.
It totally looks like a painting!

I'd think this guy was crazy, if I drove past him.

Waking up to a snow covered camp in Peru.
(Notice the tent and bike in the foreground.)

In the Andes, at Abra Huayraccasa (16,598 ft),
the highest drivable pass in the Americas.

Cycling Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flats, in Bolivia.

Crossing another washed out road in Bolivia.

Pushing the bikes across a railroad bridge,
not long after crossing the washed out road in the above photo. Fun! 

Riding through a roadside wildfire.

Trying not to inhale the road dust in Brasil.

As a post-ride afternoon should be, in Costa Rica.

Jeff takes advantage of his long hair to dress as
Tickle Me Jesus for Mardi Gras.

In true biker-hobo style, in North Carolina.

Jeff attempts to visit June Curry, the famous cookie lady, in Virginia.
Alas, she's not home!
'Tis a shame, as June passed away in 2012.

(All photographs are from Jeff Kruys's journals, which are posted on


  1. Hi Sarah, I'm Jeff's older brother, Mike. I like this thing you put together about Jeff and his adventures. He's a great guy and I wanna be just like him when I grow up! Looking forward to meeting you someday.

    1. Hey Mike! Thanks for your note! Jeff has mentioned you and your bike-know-how many times. Looking forward to meeting you as well. :)

  2. Jeff ate the red pill, I think. He's not alone.


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