Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Video Montage: Sierra-Cascades

I finally found some free time in my busy, R'n'R-packed schedule to create a video montage for this summer's Sierra-Cascades bike ride.

For those of you who have loyally followed all of my posts from the trip, you'll recognize a majority of the photos in the video. However, I added a few never-before-seen-by-the-public photos to encourage you to watch the video...

...and maximize my views count! Clever, eh?

The first song is called "You're the Only Thing in Your Way," by Cloud Cult. You may recall from my Day #21: The Soundtracks of My Mind post that this song cycled through my mind every time my I-am-loving-this-bike-touring-thing smile crossed my face. It thus seemed appropriate that this song serve as the opening tune for the video montage.

The second song is called "Meet Me Where You're Going," also by Cloud Cult. Yes, I like Cloud Cult. Thank you, Ă–cean, for turning me on to this wondrous band. I love this song because: a) I like the gist of (most) all of the lyrics and b) the song is catchy.

Notice I wrote that I like most all of the song lyrics. Please don't read into the "run away, let's get married" lyrics. That line is just plain-old ridiculous.

If you absolutely can't get past these lyrics, then please think of Lisa Nelson. As explained in PRWeb's Bride Plans to Marry Bicycle article, Lisa plans to tie the knot with her bicycle, Steel Spokes. After the wedding, Lisa and Steel will depart on a six-month honeymoon tour.

I think this woman is on to something! You're probably familiar with this saying:
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. 
I think the saying should go like this:
A woman doesn't need a man*; unlike a fish, she needs a bicycle.
So, yes, in honesty, all references to anything marriage-related in this song refer to my intense fondness for my steel steed, Shirley the Surly.

Oh, and the last number is a catchy little tune called "Ho Hey," by The Lumineers. Hey ho cry the marry dwarves!

If, after watching this video, you're starving for more of my stellar videos (pardon my humility), you can also watch my video from last last year's bike trip here: Video Montage: Portland, OR to Portland, ME.

* Unless, of course, that man is Ferit.


  1. Ahhhh! Sooo good! I loved watching it! xo

  2. Somehow I missed this post! And I never saw you patting the sasquatch tush! Great job on this, I loved it. Damn proud of you lady.

    1. Sasquatch had a nice tush! Glad you liked the video. :)

    2. Bet it was rock hard too!

  3. Wonderful video! I really enjoyed the pics and the music!

  4. Wow! Just watched for the first time - thank you :)

  5. Hi Ronaldo. Your note inspired me to watch the video again, as it's been awhile since I've seen it. Thank you for that -- it's nice to be reminded of the wonderful memories and friendships made along that trip. One of those friendships is the one between you and me. Where would we both be without that momentous Warm Showers evening? Looking forward to going on a ride with you someday. :)


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