Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Akyaka Sunsets

Akyaka is a coastal town in the southwest corner of Turkey. It is tucked into the far end of the Gulf of Gökova.

Ferit loves Akyaka, primarily because of its primo conditions for kite surfing. But I've fallen in love with Akyaka, too -- partially because of its neighbor, the sea, and partially because of the beautiful mountains that surround the valley. But mostly because of Akyaka's amazing sunsets.

My first Akyaka sunset, overlooking the Gökova valley.

A gorgeous time lapse video we captured of the above sunset:

The following photos we captured from sunsets later in our stay at Akyaka:

The beach umbrellas relax for the evening.

Me & Ferit.

Playing with silhouettes.
Our shadows.

More play...a wolf howling at the moon...

...a fish-shaped piece of bark...

...and me, reverencing the moon.

And finally...a fun little gif that Ferit made of me eating the moon:


  1. The colors are so vivid. My brain is having a hard time convincing myself these are actual pictures and not paintings. Alright, now I want to visit...

    1. Ah ha, caught red-handed. We were kidding about using a camera -- we really used canvases and palettes of oil paints to captures these gorgeous sunsets. ;)

      Yeah, Turkey is worthy of a visit. :)

      Hope all is well for you and your family, Dave!

  2. If I go to a turkish resturaunt will I find moon on the menu...

    Hey, this post show's me, more than any of the others, how much fun you are having and how happy you are. This make me VERY happy!

    1. Of course, with a little imagination, you will find moon on the menu in every single restaurant in Turkey. :)

      Your happy detectors are well-tuned. And now your happiness makes me happy! Happiness is contagious, I tell ya!

  3. Nice pictures Sarah! Especially the one with you and Ferit. Regards to the photographer.

    1. A VERY BIG THANK YOU, my dear readers, to Feridun for taking the mostest awesomest photo of me and Ferit. And a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Feridun's parents for deciding to bring Feridun into this world--without Feridun, all the sunsets would be a dull gray. ;)


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