Tuesday, June 30, 2015

An Overnighter on Whidbey Island

Whidbey is a magical island, suspended in the far north end of Puget Sound. Located partially within the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, the island is known for its rolling hills and its classic northwest landscapes.

Shirley, Solitude, and I enjoyed an overnighter on Whidbey a few weeks ago. Shirley and I had a marvelous time filling our lungs with hill climbs, while Solitude and I wore ear-to-ear smiles and expressed gratitude for the wonderful lives we live. The three of us were overcome with giddiness as we laid our tired bodies down for the night, under the comforting blanket of the trees and the stars.

How delightful it is when an overnight adventure feels as though it is a week in length!

Here are some photos from the overnighter:

I love red buildings set against green fields and trees.
I could stare at this view all day long...

...and this one, too!

The lovely waterfront at Coupeville.

This adorable bicycle stands outside a thrift shop.

"I swear, Officer, I didn't see the sign."

The tranquil, meandering path through Rhododendron Park.

I drooled as I rode past these various modes of transportation,
seemingly abandoned in a field.
What amazing tiny home opportunities -- two trailers, a school bus, and a boat!

As the afternoon air warmed on the second day of my ride,
I pulled over to a parking lot to remove my sweater
and to change from my long tights into my bike shorts.
I laughed when I looked up and saw this sign in the window.
I wonder how much of my outfit change was caught on camera!

My favorite biking snack looks just like the flowers
atop this cluster of Red Hot Pokers.

I harvested the Red Hot Pokers
and replenished my supply of bike treats.

There is no doubt that Whidbey is a scenic isle.

This view along the Scenic Isle Way just screams "peacefulness."


  1. I love Whidbey! I want to take the Ferry to Kingston, ride to Port Townsend, then ferry to Coupeville and home from Clinton some day!

    OH, and I will vouch for you! You have Selective Signus Blindus, the inability to see silly signs that were obviously NOT meant for you! If they doubt this, have them call Dr Tony!

    1. Your ferry/island loop sounds like a fun one--good training for RAMROD. :)

      Selective Signus Blindus sounds painful, Doctor. :)

    2. I prescribe a 2 week bike trip and call me in the morning!

    3. I'm not a fan of meds, Doc, but *that* I can do. :)


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