Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy 3rd Re-Birthday to Me!

Happy 3rd Re-Birthday to Me!

It's cupcake time, my friends! It's time to celebrate!

It has been three years since I quit the rat race. It has been three years of semi-retirement bliss. It has been three years of waking up on Monday mornings, endlessly grateful that I don't have to drag my butt into the office after a nice weekend. Nope, siree -- my life now consists of perpetual weekends!

My third re-birthday finds me reflecting on the wonderful experiences that the freedom of time has afforded me in the last year:

This year, I crossed a couple of items off my bucket list:

And I crossed a couple off items of my bicycling route bucket list, too:

As I reflect on the year, I realize that the more true I am to following my compass, the more serendipity provides me with the people and experiences that serve as catalysts to propel me even further towards the life I want to live. Over the last year, serendipity has enabled me to build a stronger bond between bicycling and traveling, and I'm friggin' excited about that.

My new lifestyle has given me a level of perpetual contentment that I never could have imagined. Simplicity has brought with it a richness that money cannot afford.

I look forward to many more re-birthdays, honoring my compass, and living my life by design.


  1. Well because of your rebirthday I met a very dear friend that I care about very much! Happy rebirthday lady! I am so proud of you and love ya lots!!


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