Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Plans for the Summer

Many of you have asked what I'm up to this summer.

You: What are you up to this summer, Sarah?

Me: I have a jam-packed summer full of housesitting, bike touring, and trip leading. My summer plans are as follows:

  • Housesit in Seattle (6 weeks)
My summer plans include housesitting for this lovebug, Ricki, for six weeks!

The summer is already well under way, and I'm having a blast. My summer plans sure as heck beat sitting at a desk!



  1. Where in FLA? Sounds like an amazing summer. I am very happy for you lady.

    1. Just north of Orlando. Though some may consider this a not-so-pleasant place to be in August, I'm looking forward to locking myself inside for a few weeks so that I can concentrate on a project.

    2. Hmmm makes one wonder what the project is.....

    3. You know me too well, Tony. :)

    4. I consider myself very lucky that I do!


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