Friday, May 3, 2019

A Photo Journal: My Time in Guatemala

Here are some of my favorite photos from my time in Guatemala:

The market offerings were colorful, made more so by the dilapidated.

My most relaxing moments were enjoyed in the courtyard of my AirBnB.
This image of a solitary sunflower aside a window's reflection was stunning.

The courtyard kitty, Maurice, often hung out just outside my door.
She provided fulfilled my kitty fix during my time in Guatemala.

My friend, Wilder, saved this poor pigeon from
demise at the paws of sweet Maurice.

This wandering jew began its adult life drinking from a Quezalteca liquor bottle.

These little expressive faces were decor around a pot in the courtyard.

My room was located just off the courtyard.
I loved how the light poured into my front door each morning.

And I loved the old wooden floor in my room.

This string of stones hung from hooks on my wall.
From some reason, they reminded me of my time in India.

This mural greeted me every time I entered Utatlan,
where I took my Spanish classes.

This was the view from Pasaje Enriquez, the building where my school was located,
out towards the volcanoes in the east.

The Catedral de Espiritu Santo, located opposite the Parque Central from my school,
looked quite beautiful against the puffy clouds on a blue sky day.

I enjoyed exploring the Cementerio in Quetzaltenango.

What a contrast between the woman's head and her fingers!

So many feet had Juana!

 Vanushka, whose legend mirrors that of Juliet,
is buried in Quetzaltenango. Her tomb is inscribed with messages of love.

On a walk through Zona 3 one day, I saw a number of students painting murals
of famous Guatemalan buildings.

I don't know what this means, but I like it.

This is Claudia Patricia Gomez González.
The mural's tiny print explains that Claudia was an indigenous migrant
from Quetzaltenango who was assassinated by a patrol agent
as she was crossing the US border en Laredo, Texas.

A man selling his wares at one of the many fairs
leading up to Santa Semana (Easter week).

Also at the fair. Uh, I'll take the string on the right, please.

A young Mayan girl marches in one of the many parades
leading up to Santa Semana.

This wooden door was around the corner from where I lived.
I liked the contrast of the door against the wall of peeling yellow paint.
But even more, I liked the stencil painted to the left of the door.

This collection of garbage was also around the corner from where I lived.
Garbage collection was Monday morning.
I spotted this pile and the accompanying sign Sunday afternoon.
The sign reads: "Sons of bitches. The garbage trucks passes on Monday." ¡Ay caramba!


  1. Love the rock faces and the kidlet in the dress the best.

    More than that though, I love the fact you can always find beauty, color and unique with you camera, even in a place you didn’t like

    1. Ah, thanks, Tony. I wasn't exactly inspired to bring out my camera in Guatemala as much as I had hoped. Au contraire, I took a TON of photos in India...and Patagonia...and in Turkey...and in Spain...and in other places to which I've felt more connected.


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