Friday, January 29, 2021

Sticker Fun

I bought a cargo van a few months ago, and I've been building the van out into an adventure mobile. A friend suggested my van needs the bumper sticker that reads "Cash, Grass, or Ass - Nobody Rides for Free." 

The not-so-fun vehicle version of the sticker.
[Notice the despicable grammar!]

I chuckled and thought certainly any bumper sticker must be bicycle-friendly. And with that, the "Tube, Lube, or Boob - Nobody Rides for Free" bumper sticker was birthed.

The way-more-cool bike version...
with honorable grammar!

I was originally going to get one sticker printed for myself, but then it dawned on me that the world would be a better place if this sticker were mass-produced. And so my friends, this sticker can be yours, too! Who doesn't like a sticker...especially one that has boobs AND uses the Oxford comma!

The stickers measure 4.25" across by 2.75" high -- perfect for decorating a framebag or pannier. Consider getting a second sticker as a subtle addition to the bumper of your four-wheeled vehicle. The stickers are printed on vinyl and use high quality UV-cured black ink, which means they are weather, scratch, and fade resistant. The stickers are available on Etsy and eBay for $3.00.

It would tickle me pink to see these stickers all across the US of A. Ride on, ciclistas!

Disclaimer: For the record, there's no way in hell that goody-two-shoes-me would display this sticker on my least on the outside. 😉


  1. You are always putting a creative touch on all your endeavors. That makes life so fun! Will the sticker fit above the garage in the Adventure Mobile?

    1. Thanks. 🙂 I'll find a place for it somewhere for sure.

  2. Silly Sneakers: that is comical! Sign me up!


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