Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day #17: Trains & Pedal Wrenches

Today's Route: Whitefish, MT to St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN (by Amtrak train)
Total Trip Miles: Same as yesterday

If you recall back to an earlier post, I have the great honor of being accompanied by the famous Traveling Pedal Wrench. As promised, I am photographing this magnificent wrench in locations where it plays a key role in my adventure. Here's to you, Traveling Pedal Wrench!

The Traveling Pedal Wrench in Whitefish.

For those of you interested in traveling with a bicycle, I would highly recommend using Amtrak to get your bike from point A to point B. You can check your bike as baggage for a mere $25 ($15 for the bike box + a $10 handling fee). All you need to do is remove the pedals, turn the handlebars 90 degrees, and roll the bike into the box.

Note that there needs to be baggage service at both the departure and arrival stations. Also note that you can send your bike via Amtrak Express (Amtrak's courier service) should you not be traveling with your bicycle.

Shirley (my Surly) and I are en route today, taking advantage of the nearly 24-hour train ride to read, relax, and catch up on sleep while we are magically transported 1,208 miles from Whitefish to Minneapolis.

My favorite shirt seen on today's train ride, worn by an older gentleman: "Back in my day, there were only 9 planets."

Soon I will be in Minneapolis! I will have lost another hour, but I will have gained myself a biking partner!

The last time I saw Jake, accurately chronicled by my watch.


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