Friday, June 21, 2013

Day #25: Storms, Storms, Go Away!

Today's Route: Phelps, WI to Crystal Falls, MI (50 miles)
Total Trip Miles: 1069

Sure enough, it had rained all night long and was still raining when we wiped the sleep from our eyes this morning. We had a cold breakfast in our tents, packed up our soggy homes, and were on our way.

There's not a whole lot to say about today's riding. Other than it being soggy and punctuated occasionally by flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder.

The storm that got us.

We attempted to boost the tourism revenue at a small establishment called something stupid like, "Y Not Here? Ray's Not Here," as we were all craving hot chocolates, and it was the only place around for miles.

We went inside and asked if breakfast was being served. We were told that they stopped serving breakfast a few years ago. We asked if they at least had hot chocolate, and they told us they only had coffee. Eh, no thank you.

As we walked back to our bikes, Jake said, "It's quite obvious they aren't interested in serving sopping wet bikers. I'm going to piss in his backyard." Eye Candy Andy joined in, "Me, too!" So, the boys both whipped out their things and did their thing.

We continued on our way, crossing over the border into Michigan.

We stopped in Caspian at a bar and had some grub. As it was still raining, we decided we would stay in a hotel tonight to dry out our tents. And ourselves.

We called ahead, using a couple of lodging suggestions from our bike maps, to make a reservation for the evening. The only option that didn't have a "We're sorry, this number has been disconnected" message was Four Seasons Motel in Crystal Falls. (Not to be confused with Four Seasons Hotel.)

The rain had stopped for a brief while after leaving Caspian. But only for a very brief while. The skies opened again, and we finished our final few miles in a drenching rain.

We arrived at the motel and took showers. This was the first shower Jake and I had taken in five days (two days for Andy). The hot water was plentiful, so we were happy. Jake and I were thinking we should probably take at least two more showers each before nighttime, just to make up for the lost showers.

We spread our stuff out to dry. Tents, sleeping pads, sink-laundered clothes, and all. As Andy commented, it's amazing how much stuff we have given that we are traveling on bicycles. 'Tis true, my friend.

On a side note, it's always interesting how quickly friends become comfortable around one another when traveling together. For example, as the rainfly for one of our tents is draped over the bathroom door, we're just peeing with the bathroom door open.

Spreading our shit out to dry.

The plan is to get a very early start in the morning and bike the remaining miles to Escanaba. Escanaba, with a population of more than 13,000 people, will be the largest town we've seen since St. Paul. Looking forward to it!

Once we hit Escanaba, our route will continue northward, hugging the shores of Lake Michigan.

We just hope the storms will pass over us as we sleep comfortably in our motel beds tonight.

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