Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Day in Prague

We left the Frankfurt Airport late yesterday afternoon and drove directly to Prague, in the Czech Republic. We arrived at our pension shortly after midnight, having had some good laughs about how we had to pay for both drinking water as well as for use of the restroom to expel such water.

After breakfast at the pension the next morning, we were off for a full day of exploring Prague.

Looking down onto Prague from the Petrin gardens.

Me and Dilek pose for a selfie.

Early in the afternoon, the skies opened up and the rains fell.
We ducked under an awning to stay dry.
It was a treat to hear a loud crash of thunder, as we usually don't have lightning in Seattle.

As Dilek's Achilles's tendons were bothering her,
we took her back to the pension so she could rest her feet.

After dropping off Dilek at the pension,
Ferit and I set off by foot to continue exploring the city.

We stopped for a most delicious coconut pastry.
It was the perfect pastry -- tasty, but not too sweet.

In the 1980s, graffiti began appearing on this wall as a protest to the Communist regime.
Although the police repeatedly tried to whitewash the wall,
messages of love and peace kept appearing overnight.
The wall is now known as the "John Lennon wall," in honor of the famous Beatles's singer.

It was nice to peruse the messages of peace and love from all over the world.

We added our own message, from Seattle.

I jumped for joy in front of the wall... did Ferit.

Just around the corner from the wall,
we came across a colorful collection of locks on an iron gate.

And while walking the streets, we saw these fun paintings.
Can you spot all 11 faces?

In the Old Town Square, we saw the world's oldest functioning astronomical clock.

Nearby was the Tyn Church,
 gorgeously illuminated by the dark, stormy sky in the distance.

Segways are a popular way to explore the city.
We had never seen so many Segways in any one city.

We stopped along the Legions bridge to take photos of the Charles Bridge in the distance.

The Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava River, which runs through Prague.
The pedestrian-only bridge, which is more than 650 years old,
is a popular place for musicians and street artists to gather.

Prague, you are a gorgeous city!

[Photo Credits: Most photos were taken by Ferit. The photos of Ferit, which were taken by me.]


  1. Very cool! Michelle was in Prague a couple years ago and saw the clock and the locks but missed the wall! I can see you are having a blast, and I look forward to tagging a long!

    1. Coolio! The John Lennon Wall very much reminds me of The Gum Wall at Pike's Place -- very colorful and always changing, thanks to tourist contributions. :)

  2. Sarah, somehow my comment ended up in the wrong post! I meant to put it here, but you'll get it anyway! Love ya!

    1. No worries, MaryJo. I always appreciate your comments -- no matter where they end up! :)

  3. Excellent picture of Prague! The picture of the lock is impressive and symbolic! Keep posting this beautiful pics please!

    1. Thanks, Chuck. It's nice to have a travel buddy who knows a thing or two about how to capture great photos. Hope all is well for you! :)

  4. I liked seeing your post on Prague, especially since we were just there, too! We didn't see the John Lennon wall--next time! I liked the view you saw from the Petrin Garden too.

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I was sure to closely study your Prague posts before we visited the city. :)


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