Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Circumcision Hat

If you recall from my last post, A Trip to the Village, Ferit and I travelled to the village of Alaattin, where Ferit's family is from. While at the village, we came across this cute little blue hat. We couldn't resist taking turns rockin' the hat.

Ferit rocks the hat.

As do I.

Let me shed some light on this lovely blue, jeweled hat.

This hat, my dear readers, is worn by little boys for their s√ľnnet ("circumcision") ceremony.

As Ferit explains it to me, at some point in a boy's life, his parents inform him that there is going to be a celebration honoring the boy's passage into manhood. The boy gets all excited. "Yeah, a party! Just for me!"

The boy is given a new outfit to wear to the party, including a hat adorned with jewels. Family and friends from the village attend the party. The boy gets a lot of attention from everyone. There is singing and dancing. Car horns are beeped. The boy's parents gleam with pride. The boy is adorned with gifts. He is treated like a sultan. Life is good.

And then, SNIP! Out of left field, the boy's foreskin is cut from his penis.

In some cultures, talk of private parts is a no-no. But in Turkey, the trimming of private parts is not-at-all private. Rather, it's something to be celebrated! By everyone!

So, in the spirit of celebrating circumsized penises, our dear friend Ferit has volunteered to share a photo from his coming-of-age fiesta (which he shared with his two brothers). The photo is a little fuzzy. But, hey, it's the thought that counts.

From boys to men.
(L to R: Ferit, Feridun, and Ferhat.)

Three cheers to Ferit's manhood! Hip, hip hooray! And congrats to Ferit's brothers, Ferhat and Feridun, as well -- you men of steel!

And now, for the remainder of our photos, in which we make that lovely, blue, jeweled hat look damn good...

My hat's off to you, Ferit. You are the most manly of men.


  1. The man is a stud! I was there for my boys, they were tiny and have no memory, I for one am good with this which makes me even more i oressed with that man of yours!

    1. Personally, I would think younger = better. Your boys are lucky. :)


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