Friday, November 21, 2014

The Magical Cappadocia

During our road trip, we stopped for a few days in Cappadocia. Wow, what a magical place!

Cappadocia is heavily salt'n'peppered with these interesting "fairy chimney" rock formations. All sorts of cave homes and churches, some hundreds of years old, have been carved into the rocks.

A view from a cave window.

Just look at this gorgeous landscape. There was gorgeousness absolutely everywhere!

A sea of fairy chimneys.

The view from Uçhisar.

The view into the Kılıçlar Valley.

Many rooms carved into one of the rocks.

We visited the Open Air Museum at Göreme...

...where we saw this painting on the ceiling of a cave church... well as this skeleton, resting in peace.

Me and Ferit at the open air museum.

Walking through the narrow corridors from one cave to another.

Standing in a hole in the rock.

Ferit jumps for joy... does my mom (well, sorta).

Doing my yoga pose.

Me and mom, inside one of the cave structures.

Mom, Ferit, and me.

My yoga pose, framed by a large cut-out in the rock.

I jump for joy...

...and Ferit jumps for joy.

Looking out one of the cave windows.

Ferit enjoys the view from another cave window.

Mom and me.
Me and mom, enjoying the view out over the Kızılçukut Red Valley.

Appreciating nature from the comfort of our red, cushioned chairs.

The sun setting over the Kızılçukut Red Valley.

It's super-duper easy to fall in love with this place. You could spend years exploring the rocks and still have plenty of years of exploration ahead of you!


  1. Wow, how incredible are those fairy chimneys?! I would like to visit here. My favorite photos are the first one and the one of you and your mom in the red chairs.

    1. I love those photos, too! You should definitely add Turkey to your to-visit list.

  2. Carving a home in solid rock seriously ROCKS! I love it! Way to go mom for the jump for joy. And this may be my favorite place you've visited yet!

    1. Ha, ha, you're a funny guy! I'm glad you have a favorite place that I've visited. :) you, by the way, have great taste --it's my favorite place, too. :)

    2. Great minds and people think alike!


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