Monday, June 12, 2017

Housesitting in Bellingham: A Photo Journal

I spend a majority of my time alternating between traveling and housesitting. While I greatly enjoy my travels, I look forward to my housesits as an opportunity to hunker down in one place, recharge my batteries, catch up on life logistics, and prepare for my next bout of travels.

I spent the months of April and May housesitting in Bellingham, about 90 miles north of Seattle. I watched over a large property in the country and took care of five kitties who lived on the property. I relished in the solitude, nature, and peace that country living proffers.

I settled into a nice daily routine -- yoga first thing in the morning, followed by a run, a bike ride, or a walk, an afternoon of being either entirely productive or productively leisurely, and a three-mile round-trip walk after dinner merely so I could smell the lilacs (and later the roses) at the end of a nearby road. I also spent a lot of time Bathing in the Forest, noticing the tiny details in nature (the tadpoles growing fatter and fatter each day) as well as the more macro ones (the snow melting on the nearby peaks as green filled in the trees). There were days that passed when I didn't talk to anyone except for myself and the kitties.

Exploring the Country

It was a 20-mile roundtrip bike ride to and from the grocery store.
I didn't mind the ride, especially since I got to see this
dreamy view of Mt Baker every time I approached the property.

The colors in the backyard were brilliant, especially on sunny days.

There were two calves who lived down the road.
I said "hello" to them every time I passed their pasture.
They were best of friends -- practically attached at the hip.

On rainy days, the roads were covered with snails,
 each laboriously carrying its homes on its back.

My favorite reading spot was in my hammock,
which I hung in the orchard.

Sometimes a kitty joined me in my hammock.

I rode many miles on the surrounding roads.
This was my cue sheet for a 55 mile loop along Mosquito Lake Road...

...where I saw these old military trucks...

...this captivating barn in a beautiful valley...

...and this magnificent steel bridge across the Nooksack River.

On another ride I came across a cemetery of deceased trucks...

...and signs indicating I was in red country.

I saw beautiful views of the Cascades off to the east...

...blooming cherry blossoms...

...and colorful juxtapositions of hilltops against the sky.

The Kitties

Quincy was a flirtatious long-haired kitty.
He was mostly an outdoor kitty,
though he would come indoors whenever he wanted a brushing.
He reminded me of my old kitty, Rusty.

Quincy loved to sit on the carport roof and watch out over the backyard.

One day I looked out the kitchen window, and caught Quincy
in a ferocious yawn.

Kukla, though technically the neighbor's kitty,
was adopted by the homeowners.

Kukla was a regal kitty -- such a lovebug.
Whenever I opened the door to come outside,
he would always run over to me, wanting to be held.

Mo was the alpha kitty --
the only kitty who freely roamed both indoors and out.

Mo kept me company at nights,
falling asleep by my side after a long give-and-take of pets and purrs.

Mo had quite the personality. He once wore my slippers,
intently watching as I did my morning yoga routine.

Mo would often join me on the front porch,
being lazy in the sun while showing me his fuzzy orange belly.

I loved watching Mo and the other kitties enjoy the outdoors.
They seemed so comfortable enjoying nature.

And indeed they were, as they were free to do kitty things.
The kitties brought me many gifts -- mostly mice and rabbits,
and sometimes intestines from unidentifiable animals.

Fran was exclusively an indoor kitty.
She spent hours sitting on my lap.
Anytime I walked into the living room, she would run
to the couch in hopes that I would join her.

Sammy was Fran's super sheepish
(say that ten times fast) daughter.
Sammy spent the majority of the housesit sitting in a box on a ledge in the basement.
It took six weeks before she finally wandered upstairs.
The day before I left, Sammy joined me on the bed for the first time.

Fran and Sammy loved napping together.
Watching them brought me such happiness.

I look forward to housesitting in Bellingham again for a few months this fall.


  1. Aaahhhh, the simple life :). Nice!

    1. Indeed. Country living is pretty swell. :)

  2. I've never thought of Bham as red country! But then I spend most of my time up there on campus with he kid.

    Great nature photos as well as the trucks, and you may be the best kitty photographer I have ever met!

    1. The campus is blue. But the second you step outside of the downtown region, and it's a different story.

      I've been around PLENTY of kitties and taken PLENTY of kitty photos. For one decent kitty photo, there are many photos that need to be deleted. :)

    2. I understand completely kitty photo culling!


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