Monday, September 11, 2023

Hiking Near Baker: A Photo Journal

I've spent so much time exploring elsewhere and so little time exploring my own backyard. I'm working on changing that. Thirteen years ago I climbed Mt Baker, but I'd never hiked any of its nearby trails...until last week.

Shrouded Mt Shuskan, from Huntoon Point.

The first day I hiked to Lake Ann. The Labor Day rush had headed home, so the trail was super quiet. There was a thick fog that twirled and sashayed in the sky, only partially teasing me with views of Mt Shuksan and never revealing any of Mt Baker.

Heading out on the trail.

Enjoying some breakfast blueberries along the way.

I had no idea you could see Baker Lake from Lake Ann.
What a lovely surprise!

On the second day, when I arrived at Artist Point to hike Chain Lakes, I was greeted by 360° of mountain bliss. Wow! The views were made even more magical by the songs of two musicians who were serenading the rising sun. (Make sure to turn up your volume so you can hear the chanting in the background.) Twas early morning magic! Double wow!

Tabletop Mountain, reflected in Bagley Lakes.

What little is left of the season's fireweed, as seen above Bagley Lakes.

Mt Baker, with Iceberg Lake in the foreground.

All smiles at Iceberg Lake.

Looping back around Tabletop Mountain, with Shuksan in the distance.

The smile plastered to my face and the bounce in my step that lasted for twenty miles of exploration by foot reminded me how much I love living in the Pacific Northwest. My heart is here in the mountains.

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