Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Bikerafting the Skagit River: A Photo Journal

For three days in early July, Alan and I bikerafted the Skagit River from Copper Creek to Pressentin Creek. At the end of our float, we cycled back to our starting point. In total, the trip was 31 road miles and way more river miles.

We rafted the Skagit River between Copper and Pressentin Creeks,
and then biked back along Highway 20 to return to whence we started.

Twas a nice, easy float close to home. Along the way we enjoyed the scenery and each other's company. Here is a photo journal of our trip:

Alan and I biked along Highway 20 to our put-in at Copper Creek.

We organized our gear before packing everything into our rafts.

Alan won't be hard to spot in his 80s green life jacket!

It was great to set out on the river.

We pulled off to the side for lunch breaks.

This was one of our favorite spots in the river.
We paddled around the bend to see a glorious view of Mt Baker.
We camped for a night on the sandbar in the distance. 

Me and Mt Baker.

Alan monkeying around.

Me, settling in with a good book and a sweet view.

Our camp for the night.

We folded up the rafts so the cargo zipper wouldn't get all sandy.

I found this cool piece of bark on the beach.
I used it as a bracelet.


Alan floats beneath the Concrete-Sauk Valley Bridge... I make my approach.

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