Monday, June 5, 2023

Biking in Alaska - Plan C: A Photo Journal

For two weeks at the end of May and beginning of June I traveled to Alaska for a bike trip.

Alan's Fargo and my ECR.

Plan A (to bikepack the Kenai Peninsula) was foiled by lingering snow, so we schemed up a Plan B (bike from the Matanuska Glacier to McCarthy, then cycle to Valdez to catch a ferry to Whittier, then pedal from there back to Anchorage). An unseasonable winter storm ended the biking portion of our trip early, so we made the best of our remaining time with Plan C (staying at a friend's cabin in Willow — thank you, Victor!).

There were five of us on this trip. Meet us, as we hold gummy bears between our teeth!


My brother, BJ.
This was his very first bikepacking trip.

Alan, of Teton backpacking and Skagit River bikerafting fame.

Paul, who has been on many of my trips, including the Pacific Northwest and Gulf Island tour.


Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:

The colorful tower at Point Woronzof Park in Anchorage.

Them beautiful Chugachs!

Me in my happy place.
(Photo: BJ)

Alan and Bruce pedaling the Glenn Highway along the beautiful Chugach Mountains.

Me, cycling the Glenn Highway.
(Photo: BJ)

Saved by the tread of my Surly Knard tires!

As the pavement gave way to the gravel of McCarthy Road, the scene transformed itself into even more hubba hubba.
(Photo: BJ)

Our tent above the braided Copper River.
What a beautiful camp spot!

Alan and I waiting to be rescued by the Uhaul truck.
(See the poem below.)
(Photo: BJ)

Alan, looking like a high-end homeless biker junkie as he moves his gear about.
(Photo: BJ)

Ah, pure bliss at Lake Shirley. I could stare at this view for the rest of my life.
(Photo: BJ)

When I was at the lake the week before, it was still covered in ice.

I loved reading the cabin guest books, with entries dating back to the 1980s.
This was, by far, my favorite entry.

Alan, me, and Paul outside the cabin on Shirley Lake.
(Photo: BJ)

Paul wrote an entertaining poem about our trip. What a fun read!

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