Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bike Trip Stats: Portland, OR to Portland, ME

As I am a bit of a data geek, below are the stats for my recent bike trip from Portland, OR to Portland, ME.

Total Miles Travelled by Bicycle: 3012

Total Time in Saddle: 238 hours, 46 minutes
(equal to 9 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes)

Number of Flat Tires: 0

# of Trip Days: 52
# of Riding Days: 46
Max # of Consecutive Riding Days: 34

Average Mileage per Day: 65.5
Highest Daily Mileage: 93.3
Lowest Daily Mileage: 9.9

Average Daily Miles per Hour: 12.6
Highest Daily Miles per Hour: 14.5 (on an 85.5 mile day)
Lowest Daily Miles per Hour: 11.0 (on the first day of my trip)

Average Daily Time in Saddle: 5 hours, 11 minutes
Longest Daily Time in Saddle: 7 hours, 13 minutes
Shortest Daily Time in Saddle: 49 minutes


  1. Wow, that is amazing! Thanks for sharing the stats--I was wondering how many days it took you. 52 days does not actually seem that long considering you went across the entire country on a bike! You go girl!!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I should clarify two things:
      1) On Day #17, I took the train from Whitefish, MT to St. Paul, MN, a distance of 1,208 mi. So, technically I didn't bike the *entire* distance from Portland-to-Portland. Google Maps tells me that that the shortest distance from Portland, OR to Portland, ME is 3,189 miles, via I-80. Surprisingly, my ride was 177 miles shy of this. I guess it helped that my route meandered quite a bit. :)
      2) I arrived in Portland, ME on Day #49, and then spent three days backtracking to Ticonderoga, NY to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend.

  2. ZERO FLAT TIRES!!!! That is a great stat. How many chain cleanings?

    1. Darn! I didn't keep track of the chain cleanings! I guess it was enough, though, as I didn't have any drivetrain issues.


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