Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pure Genius - Expressed in a Bike Rack

Genius is often evidenced by elegant and functional design.

Before going further, I must first confess. [This is the part where I blush.] You see, I have attended yoga class at the Phinney Neighborhood Center many times. But, yesterday was the first time I actually rode my bike to said yoga class. I can go on a 3,000 mile bike ride, but I have a difficult time riding a few miles to the neighboring hood -- how embarrassing!

Anyhow...I suppose the gods were rewarding me for my bravery, as I had the great fortune of experiencing pure genius. In the form of a bike rack.

This genius bike rack, located at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, is more than just a plain old bicycle rack. For one, it's a covered bike rack, which is great for rain-plagued Seattle. It's also an artsy sculpture, with a massive bike chain and rings. And, in super-cool genius-fashion, it's a bike repair station, featuring a bike stand and a set of tools for basic maintenance.

The rack, designed and fabricated by Andersen Studios, was the winner of the Artistic Bike Rack Competition. There's no doubt why this rack won -- it's pure genius!

The genius rack (with Shirley serving as the bicycle model).

A bike pump, built into the far end of the rack.

A bike stand and an assortment of tools, built into the near end of the rack.

The assortment of bike tools.

Although I topped-off the air in my tires a few days earlier, I took advantage of this wondrous rack to double-check that I had enough air in my tires. You know -- just in case.

Truth is, I just couldn't resist genius in action!

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