Monday, June 30, 2014

Bike Trip Stats: Sierra-Cascades

Below are the stats for my recent Sierra-Cascades bike trip.

Total Miles Travelled by Bicycle: 2,384

Total Time in Saddle: 228 hours, 48 minutes
(equal to 9 days, 12 hours, 48 minutes)

# of Trip Days: 50
# of Riding Days: 45
# of Rest Days: 5
Max # of Consecutive Riding Days: 13

Average Miles per Day (Riding Days Only): 52.9
Most Miles per Day: 96.1
Least Miles per Day: 10.3

Average Daily Miles per Hour (Riding Days Only): 10.8
Highest Daily Average Miles per Hour: 14.5 (a 72.8 mile day from Chemult, OR to Bend, OR)
Lowest Daily Average Miles per Hour: 4.8 (a 16.4 mile-long climb in Sequoia National Park)

Average Daily Time in Saddle (Riding Days Only): 5 hours, 5 minutes
Longest Day in Saddle: 7 hours, 58 minutes
Shortest Day in Saddle: 50 minutes

Fastest Speed (mph): 44.6 
(descending from Tioga Pass)

# of Flat Tires: 2 
(both flats attributed to a tired, overpatched tube)

# of Summit Notes Left for Randy: 10

# of Stays with Warm Showers Hosts: 3

# of Nights in a Motel: 6

# of Miles Ridden Naked: 6

Stats I Wish I Had Collected:
  • The # of burritos I ate
  • The # of times I cleaned my chain
  • The # of signed summits


  1. I was sure you listed the number of cute cowboys....

    1. Ha! It didn't even cross my mind to count the cowboys. Thanks for tickling my memory -- I had forgotten about them. For the record, there were three cute cowboys on this trip. :)

    2. I have always thought that their should always be more cute cowboys (or in my case cowgirls) than flat tires on any trip!

  2. So psyched for you!!! What's the next chapter of your adventure? I hope you drop by work and say hello before you are off again. So many congrats to you!!!

    1. Thanks, Rusty! Of course, I'll stop by and say hello! Details on the next chapter are in-the-works. I'm looking forward to sharing the next chapter soon!

  3. What a great finish to a grid tour, Sarah! Congrats to you and to Alex! What an accomplishment!! Can't wait to hear what's next!

  4. Great tour, not grid tour! I noticed that just as I hit 'publish!'

    1. Grid tour…great tour -- I knew what you meant! :)

  5. Nice blog and trip. I hope to do this route someday. You have a great writing style, and it was cool to follow along. What's next?

    1. Thanks for following along, Patrick. Glad you liked the blog!

      I've got some plans in the works. I'll share the plans shortly! :)

  6. Congratulations on completing your ride...I've been following you guys since the day I met you in the Perkies coffee shop in are very inspirational! Regards Chuck from Palmdale

    1. Great to hear from you, Chuck! So glad to hear that you've been following along! :)


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