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Day 5: Port Angeles to Ozette

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Thursday June 11, 2015, 81 miles (130 km) - Total so far: 272 miles (438 km)

I'm used to being the first person up and ready to ride. But Sarah would consistently be ready before me. I'm not sure how she was doing it because I wouldn't hear any movement in her tent. She would just pop out with her panniers packed, hook them to the bike, take down her tent, and wonder why I wasn't ready at the agreed upon time.

Craig has a stressful morning routine,
drugging up on coffee and PopTarts.

But I eventually did get ready, and we headed off to cross the northern leg of our Olympic Peninsula Loop.

Hwy 112 was pleasant enough. The scenery was pretty good, with some nice views of the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Lumber trucks zoomed by in both directions. Fortunately, all the trucks going our way were empty, and all of the drivers were very courteous.

We made much better progress on this road than we did on the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) just two days ago. I think the ODT was slow because of having to always stop and check for the next turn.

In Clallam Bay, we stopped at Sunsets West Co-op, a cute little store/restaurant that sold reasonably priced food. The store has an interesting approach to building community.

Sunsets West Co-Op, in Clallam Bay, was a friendly little market.

Sarah's original plan for today was to go to Neah Bay and hike to Flattery Point and Shi Shi Beach. Sarah didn't seem too keen on this part of the trip. I couldn't tell if she just wasn't excited about that area or if she was already sick of me and was trying to get this trip over with.

[Sarah: For the record, I was neither sick of Craig nor was I not keen on visiting Neah Bay. I imagine I will one day sail a boat through the Strait of San de Fuca, and so I thought it might be nice to hike to Flattery Point to get a preview of the opening of the strait into the Pacific Ocean. Also, I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Shi Shi. 

However, we were concerned that we may not have enough time to visit both Neah Bay and Ozette. If that was the case, I preferred to visit Ozette. After all, I was excited to have Craig take a trip down memory lane. (More selfishly, I was looking forward to having a personal tour guide with whom to explore Ozette.)]

So we changed the plan and rode to the Lake Ozette Campground instead. In 1981, I volunteered through the Student Conservation Association and was assigned a position at Lake Ozette. This trip would take me back to a very formative time in my life. I only spent four months at Lake Ozette, but the experience permanently reshaped my life. I'm sure Sarah quickly became sick of me constantly saying, "That looks just like it did 34 years ago."

[Sarah: I rather enjoyed Craig's reminiscing. I'm sure Craig quickly became sick of me constantly reminding him that I was just a wee little pig-tailed girl during his stint in the Olympics.]

Oh yeah, baby!

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the sign reads "9% Grade."

The Ozette-Hoko road was paved (different from 34 years ago) and still scenic with a few little farms and lots of hills and trees. Almost no traffic passed us, and we arrived at the campground in time to get everything setup before night fell.

Craig enjoys the ride along the Ozette-Hoko Road... does Sarah.

Sarah monkeys around on the Ozette sign...

...and Craig one-ups her.

[Sarah: While I was impressed by Craig's manly athleticism, I was nervous to have him climbing up to such crazy heights. After all, this is precisely how old, happily married men end up breaking their hips!]

Lake Ozette is nothing but lovely.

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  1. Umm, My little pigtailed friend, Craig and I are FAR from hip breakage time while showing off our athleticism :) Or we are just forgetting that could be an issue.

    I have yet to make Neah bay driving or cycling but I will!

    1. Ohhhh...just let me have some fun with Craig! :P

    2. OK, just this once :)


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