Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bob Is Famous!

Meet Bob.

Bob & his Surly Long Haul Trucker.
(From Bob's Facebook photos.)

I met Bob earlier this year. We both signed up for a bike maintenance class at Wright Brothers Cycle Works. When we rolled our bikes into the first class in January and noticed that we both had Surly Long Haul Truckers, Bob and I instantly bonded!

A few months later, in March, Bob joined an overnight bike trip that I organized to Seabeck, on the east shore of the Hood Canal.

The overnight bike crew - Bob is in the orange, at the front of the line.

Bob and I both had plans to ride across the country this summer. Whereas I started my trip at the end of May, Bob started his trip at the end of July.

Given that we were doing similar rides, Bob and I have shared a lot of emails about bike gear, trip preparations, and mid-trip words of encouragement (in my case, *jealousy*, as my trip is now over.)

Bob loves playing board games and listening to game podcasts. To tickle his game bone, Bob has been stopping at game stores along his route. On September 11th (Day #50 of Bob's tour), Bob stopped at CheckMate Games & Hobbies in Toledo, OH. As it turns out, one of the guys from the Plaid Hat Games Podcast, Alex, was at the store. Being that bicycle tourists are somewhat of a "marvel," Alex recorded Bob for an upcoming podcast.

Bob, Alex, and a CheckMate employee.
(From Bob's Facebook photos.)

The podcast was recently released. Click here, and start listening at 20:20 to hear Bob's fun nine minutes of fame. It's no surprise that Bob has a great "radio voice" and made a really entertaining contribution to the podcast. Woohoo!

As of today, Bob is still on the road; he is just now entering Baltimore. Bob's adventures are being captured via TrackMyTour, which provides waypoints, photos, and short trip blurbs.

Keep rockin' the spandex, Bob! You make us proud!

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