Thursday, November 9, 2017

Happy 5th Re-Birthday to Me!

Happy 5th Re-Birthday to Me!

Gee willikers! Has it been five years already? As Gretchen Rubin said, "The days are long, but the years are short." 

Five years ago today, I quit my job. I walked away from a life of comfort and stability and walked into a life of unstructured time and endless possibility. These privileges were earned, and continue to be enjoyed, via a great deal of diligence and focus. Though not for everyone, I dig my peripatetic life. My new life has given me a level of perpetual contentment that I never could have imagined. Simplicity has brought with it a richness that money cannot afford.

I've learned a lot about myself this year -- about the importance of creating boundariesadjusting my sailssafeguarding my solitude, and bathing in the forest. These learnings have enabled me to fine-tune my life, and in doing so, to enable myself to delight in more tendays.

My fifth re-birthday finds me reflecting on my experiences of the past year:
  • I enjoyed a solo trip to Spain -- spending two weeks in Barcelona and one week biking through Catalonia on my Brompton. I appreciated being able to experience the region during its fight for independence.
  • I backpacked in the Beartooth Mountains on the Montana/Wyoming border and was blown away by the beauty of the mountains, lakes, and wildflowers. I had no idea this place even existed.
  • I had fun doing a photo and video shoot for REI to help promote their new line of Co-Op bicycles.
  • I cycled an amazingly beautiful route along the Great Parks North and Great Divide in Canada, two routes I had been wanting to ride for years.
  • I spent nine days on a stunning sailing trip to the unusually lush Catalina Island (thank you, Jake!).
  • I was interviewed by Eyes on the Goal about my lifestyle. It's an honor to be an inspiration to others.
  • I biked part of the Baja Divide in Mexico and learned lots about myself.
  • I spent nearly two months housesitting and bathing in the forest on Salt Spring Island, in southern British Columbia. It was great to spend so much time in my favorite environment -- where the mountains and the forests meet the water.
  • I was featured in an article in the Tobacco Valley News about the freedoms and confidence that cycling bestows.
  • I cycled a loop in southwest Vancouver Island, which whetted my appetite for more exploration of the island on two wheels.
  • I spent two months housesitting in Bellingham for five wonderful kitties -- that's twenty paws and a healthy dose of purrs!
  • I wrote an article about my Brompton, which was published in the July issue of Adventure Cyclist.
  • I staffed three Adventure Cycling trips -- Cycle Montana, Cycle Divide: Montana, and Oregon Coast Loop -- and made many new cycling friends!
  • I enjoyed a family reunion at Glacier National Park and then cycled Coeur D'Alene with my mom.
  • I fell in love with yoga, appreciating its physical, mental, spiritual, and meditative benefits.

It's been another damn good year. I look forward to my sixth year as I continue to honor my compass and live my life by design.


  1. Happy birthday lady! You are truly amazing. Thanks for bringing me along on all your adventures! I look forward to so many more!!

    1. Thank you, Tony, for your support over the years. I appreciate your friendship. :)

  2. Happy Re-Birthday, Sarah!!!
    It's such a pleasure to co-live your experiences through your stories, pictures and posts.
    Thank you for taking the step out life of comfort and stability and entering the world of unimaginable magic life! ;) And taking us all for a ride!

    1. Thank you, Kate! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy co-living my little life experiences. :) And thank you for helping to create one of the highlights on my fifth year. :)


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